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If you are looking for in your home pet care providers in and around the Everett, WA area, then look no further. All Creatures Great and Small offers quality pet care and exceptional service to all our clients by taking the time and consideration to treat your pets as we would our own. We are not only professional pet sitters, but also pet owners, so we can relate. We understand that it is difficult to find someone trustworthy to take care of your beloved pets when you are traveling or are on vacation. This is why we strive to offer superior service at competitive rates. We are professional, reliable and easy to work with. We are also licensed, bonded and insured. We take care of dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, lizards, hedgehogs, chinchillas, frogs, sugar gliders, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters and more!


We have handled a variety of pet care assignments over the years. Our experience and expertise have earned us the reputation of being loving and caring towards all creatures – great and small. Here are some things our clients are saying about our services.

Jen S.

“Awesome. That is one word to describe All Creatures Great and Small but there are so many I could write. I have trusted Loretta and her husband with my babies since July of 2000. She and Bob are the only people in the world that I trust with my dogs and cats. They are truly amazing people and the animals love them. It is hard enough to leave them behind when we go on vacation but to know that they are in such great hands is truly a blessing. The animals sometimes look disappointed when we come home. I can't really put into words how much I recommend All Creatures Great and Small.”

Carolyn J.

“I have been using All Creatures Great and Small for over 13 years. I got very lucky finding Loretta! She LOVES animals and I know my dogs are in excellent hands when I use her services. My two dogs don’t even care if I go on vacation because Loretta takes care of them in my home as if I was there myself! I can leave town with peace of mind knowing my dogs are happy at home and not at some unfamiliar kennel. What more could a dog owner ask for?”

Carolyn and Ron

“All Creatures is the best pet sitting company EVER!!! My family has been using All Creatures for our pet care since we moved to Everett in 2006. They were highly recommended by our previous pet sitter in North county. Loretta fell in love with our dogs and cats the moment she met them. Nine years later we are now a few generations of pets down the road. We'd never dream of using any other pet service for our four legged family. Bob and Loretta truly are God's gift to all creatures. We are blessed to have them in our lives.”

Julie Peddy

“All Creatures Great & Small have been like second parents to my furry and feathered family since 2001. They helped rehab my rat terrier, Minnie Me, at their home after leg surgery. Bob trained my border collie mix, Spot, and Loretta helped care for him after both ACL surgeries. Whenever I travel, they provide my dogs, cats, and birds with the care they need so, eliminating any worries I might have.”

M. Vicens Everett

“Over time, we have had MANY creatures great and small, including exotics. Our peak total a few years ago was 21. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, a rabbit, a hedgehog ... well, you get the point. For years, Loretta and Bob have cared for them all as well as we do (sometimes even better!) I've lost track of the times they have rescued us in a pinch or gone the extra mile without missing a beat. Whenever I have called them, the answer has ALWAYS been "yes," and they have always come through for us. Nothing throws them off: special feeding instructions, veterinary prescription meds, unpleasant surprises (like finding one of our birds dead on a routine visit). We have often said, only half-jokingly, that we will never be able to go anywhere if they decide to retire!”

Russell Lee, PIP

“This is to endorse and recommend Loretta Kahlor as an exceptional pet sitter. I have used Loretta’s services for over 20 years. She is honest, reliable, trustworthy and responsible. I trust her judgement with my dogs and with her in my home while I am away. My dogs are my family; they receive the best care and feeding. During much of my career I traveled extensively, usually leaving home on Monday morning, returning Thursday evening — so for years, my dogs lived half their lives with Loretta, half with me. When I had to put down one of my dogs, I consulted with Loretta before making the final decision. I trust Loretta to make and/or help make any decisions about my dogs. Her advice and caring over the years has meant very much to both me and my dogs. Loretta is perfect - she is the world’s greatest pet sitter. Give me a call if you like: 360.926.8528.”

Paula and David, Ruby, Scully & Bug

“From Paula and David and our pet friends Ruby, Scully, and Bug:
I met Loretta back in 1998. Loretta and her Husband Bob have become wonderful friends and care givers of our loving pets. The first time we met I was interviewing Loretta for pet sitting. I knew immediately that she had a loving heart for all animals and understood how much they meant to me, There was no doubt I could trust her to care of my beloved companions. Meeting Loretta was such a relief and blessing Since I was no longer comfortable leaving my Pets at a kennel after a bad experience. Loretta’s pet care has been an invaluable help for me and my family. We can go on vacation with great confidence that our pets will be well cared for in their own home, sleeping in their own beds, being loved and treated well. Loretta has cared for our many beloved pets through all the love and pain, from the new pet stages and piddle pads, through the aging and eventual loss of our pet friends. She has cried with me and loved on us during the hard times of letting go of our beloved Pets. And most recently Loretta has been an angel in helping us with our little Dachshund Scully, Who suffered a severe back injury on Christmas day leaving him paralyze in his back legs. The time and care He required was overwhelming. Loretta was amazing at immediately being available for daily care of Scully and our Cocker Spaniel Ruby when we went back to work. She was so gentle and helpful with all the care Scully required not to mention meeting me twice a week for 12 weeks to bring Scully to my work so I could take him to physical therapy, we could not have gotten through this without her. Together with Loretta’s continuing help and gentle touch, Scully is recovering his ability to walk and dig for Moles and gets stronger every day. We are so very thankful to have found a great pet caretaker and Friend in Loretta. Every day we are grateful for her loving and caring heart.”

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