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Meet Loretta and Bob

All Creatures Great and SmallOur names are Loretta and Bob Kahlor. We started our business in 1997 for two reasons: number one was because of a bad experience we had when we boarded our dogs for a week-long trip. Even though we researched all kennels available, we were very disappointed to what we came home to. We decided then that we would never board our dogs again. The second reason was because we saw a need and a want to help people with their pets.

We have both been pet lovers all of our lives and have had a variety of our own over the years. At this present time, we have six dogs, a turtle, and a very old ring neck parakeet. We know how hard it can be to find someone you can trust to care for your pets.

Working with the public most of our adult lives, Loretta as a waitress, and Bob as a policeman, we heard people say over and over, “we would love to have a pet but just don’t have the time” or pet owners would have guilt over having to leave their pets alone for many hours a day, because let’s face it, no one works an 8 hour day anymore.

Own A Pet Guilt-Free

We want everyone who wants to own a pet to own one guilt free, and we can help you with that! All Creatures Great And Small is a personalized pet care service that caters to your needs as the pet owner. Our only goal is for you and your pet to be happy!

By calling us, we can go over your day and find the perfect schedule for your pets.
If you’re going on vacation and need daily visits, we will arrange them to your pets’ schedule. And best of all we also do overnights. Imagine, your pets being able to stay in their own home, having your mail and papers picked up, having your plants and lawn watered, your blinds open and shut, and lights rotated for security purposes. And the best reward, not coming home to an empty house! Having your pet greet you when you come home is a great feeling!

If you work long hours and your dog needs a daily walk, we can handle that for you. Again, we are there to cater to your schedule.

Need to stay late at work? Want to go out with friends after work for a drink or dinner and don’t want to come all the way home to feed and walk the dog? No problem, call us! We are available. We do not have standard business hours.

We hope to hear from you soon!

– Loretta and Bob Kahlor

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    We Love Pets!

    As pet owners ourselves, we commit to providing your pet with excellent care and lots of affection, as we would our own. MORE

    Alternative to Boarding

    We believe your pet should be comfortable at home and not pulled away from their daily routine. Our services are centered on this belief. MORE

    Daily Dog Walking

    Having a busy schedule should not deter you from owning man’s best friend. Contact us today to book daily dog walking or pet sitting. MORE